Printing problem - advice before opening the ticket

I’m new to the FormLab 1+, and I have some problem. Printer prints only support. I’m attaching images showing my prints

I made a test too

resolution 0.1

result was not really good

next print after checking mirror and tank

after checking again the tank i found some spots on PDMS

any ideas?

I had a similar indication when I changed tanks, and here’s what I did:

  • strain the resin thru a paint filter, make sure it’s mixed well (definitely shake the bottle for a while)
  • drop your build platform 0.1 in fine tuning (z-offset)
  • orient to an area that has minimal clouding
  • reprint (only one object at a time to save resin :smile: )

see if that helps.
If it’s a little better, but not quite fixed, repeat above, dropping an additional 0.1.
If it’s worse, reset tuning to default, then add 0.1 to the z offset

dialing it in is a trial and error game. If nothing in fine tuning helps, open a ticket.


thanks ,will do

I’d guess galvo mirror dust, or a temperature problem. But it’s hard to say.

what should be the optimal operating temperature?

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