Printing in front but not back of build plate

For a while the print was building directly onto the tray. I then lowered the z value but now it only prints on the front of the build plate. i can get it to print on the back if i make the z value extremely low. But then the parts get too stuck too the front.

Check you printer is level - should be somewhere in settings. If that’s fine I would use a spirit level to check the side-to-side and front-to-back level of both the resin tray and the build platform. Also, does this happen on multiple trays, or just one?

The advice from @FelbO is good. I’ve also seen that symptom with old resin.

Hello there @nadia2442!

Would you mind giving me a few more details about what you mean when you say the print is failing? Is it printing OK, but then falling off the platform? Is it not printing at all? Do the parts come out looking defective in some way?

As @FehlbO said above me, checking the behavior of a different tank is a terrific place to start.

(I should also point out that all z-axis fine tuning is tank specific, so if you start a brand new tank, you should set those values back to their default “0” before proceeding, and then you can adjust as necessary from there.)

All that being said, I would absolutely recommend submitting a ticket to our excellent support team so we can investigate your specific issues a little more deeply. You can find the link to do this below!

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