Printing a shampoo-like squeezable bottle

Hi, I want to print a squeezable bottle, about the size of the form2 build
I’m guessing the best material would be Durable resin?
What sould be the wall thickness so that the bottle will be squeezable but strong enough not to break or tear?

Thanks, Dror

I would also go with Durable, albeit much thicker than an actual shampoo bottle. I guess 1.5mm might work but then will it print well… I’m not sure. Maybe 2mm would be safer for a successful print but then it may be a little bit stiff, probably functional enough though.

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Many thanks!

I have prototyped squeezable test tubes in 1mm durable and they worked amazingly well.

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Were they as big as “about the size of the form2 build” ? though ?

No, they were about an inch diameter. Good luck with that!

So i have done a bicycle water bottle, which was the full height of the build envelope on the Form2. I can say that 0.5mm is too think and fell apart in the wash (but did print surprisingly well. i added 1mm to this (1.5mm total) and this is too thick and very stiff. But this is where i stopped. I would try 1mm for a start and see what happens. Durable resin for sure.

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