Issue Printing Formlabs Big Bottle

Hello! I am going to print a bottle similar to Durable Resin spray bottle that always appears in formlabs videos and website. (PICTURES)
Does that print have a hole to help scape the air on it? Because is going to create great vacuum effect and deformation.

I have an issue with it. I don´t want to put supports on it and the bottle is almost as big as the printing size.

If you have any advice, otherwise I will add some holes on the bottom of the model and close them later.

THANKS!! :v:

Rotate 180º and print it so the bottle’s neck is pointed towards the build platform and not the resin tank.


True, that is another option. Thanks @Randy_Cohen!
What about the print of the picture? :thinking: Is not going to suffer that vacuum deformation if is printed that way?

I don’t think that this will deform, depending on wall thickness. We’ve printed serveral hollow parts with a similar setup and form tolerances were all okay!

It`s about 1mm thick.
Let´s see what comes out! :wink:

It is not a simple bottle, it is quite narrow in the neck.

I will try first with bottom towards platform, neck towards resin, no internal supports, and 4 holes 3mm Ø at the base to let scape the air.

In the videos, we do have a drain hole towards the bottom that gets closed after printing. If you’re printing something similar, I’d go with @Randy_Cohen’s advice and rotate such that the neck is facing the build platform. That orientation might be less ideal for shooting videos but should prove easier to print :slight_smile:

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:smiley: Thanks @Frew, You are right! When I saw the video I was like (:sunglasses: AWESOME PRINT RESULT!!).

Then when I was going to print it… the feeling was different. :disappointed_relieved:

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