Flexablee bottels

I am trying to print a bottle with the flexible resin. I have increased the support density plus the supports. The bottle collapses. I was trying to find a reference print like the water bottle on the form labs web site. Are these files available?

Can I place a bet here ? It might not get answered but I think the bottle in the Formlabs adds has a structure and / or supports on the inside, or it is several times thicker than what an actual bottle would be… maybe even both.

What’s the thickness of the bottle you’re trying to print ?

If you want a bottle that has some give to it, try durable.

Flex isn’t going to work well without a lot of support and even then it’s going to be too flexible.

About a 1/16 of an inch. I thought it would get too heavy if I made it thicker.

I will try different materials. My questions was more driven by the fact that form labs demonstrates the use of flexible resin in making the bottle on their website. I wanted to find out how they did it and what files they used?

That bottle is a bit thicker than a 16th of an inch and it’s oriented with the opening facing the platform at a 30 degree angle or so. The supports were custom generated to be on the external lattice so that they could be cut away relatively easily.

Seconding @FredB’s suggestion of Durable Resin for a more realistic feeling bottle. Durable is designed to mimic polypropylene and is going to be more similar to the properties of a thin and flexible bottle better than Flexible Resin.