Printing a castable resin pendant

Does anyone have a better way to print this? I asked this about rings and I was given a growbase that works fantastic!
The support structures used in preform end up using a lot of resin and I’m looking at more efficient and better way to print pendants. Any help is appreciated!
Thanks again!

Another technique to get better images of the application (rather than photgraphing the screen) is to hold the shift key down while pressing the ‘print screen’ button with the Preform window maximized and focused. It may be called PrntScrn or similar on your keyboard. What that does is snapshot the screen and put the data in a buffer called the clipboard. Once you’ve copied the data using shift-printscreen into the buffer, open up mspaint (start->run->type mspaint in the textbox and hit enter), then click Edit->Paste (or press ctrl-v) from the menu in mspaint to paste the clipboard data into the mspaint program.

Then you can file->save the image, and upload that.

RE: printing: upload an stl of your pendant and I’ll poke around with it.

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You are a saint.

Another alternative is “Snipping Tool” which will allow you to skip the clipboard and directly save a .jpeg of your window of interest.

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Ryley - you can manually edit your support structures to cut back on density. An uploaded file that we could look at, as Christopher mentioned, would be very helpful in order to make additional recommendations.


You should also tilt the model so it’s at a 45 degree angle, downward facing surfaces get the worst detail and angling it a bit can help and also reduce the number of supports. You’ll want your most important details facing up. It also looks like your model might not be smooth enough, if you don’t have enough polygons then your mesh can look “faceted” instead of looking rounded.

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