Preform?!?! Oh no! It's awful for jewelry prints :(

we used preform for put some supports for jewelry prints.but they are all bad after cleaning with alchohol.
before that we put supports with Matrix8.0 but we wanted to try preform.but we aren’t satisfied at all.
can you tell me another softwares that we can design perfect supports & print best Models?!

I’m sorry to hear that PreForm is causing you some frustration with supports. Could you show us any pictures of the problems, or give us some more details about what you experienced?

I will note that PreForm is designed to work for as many different application as possible, while the support functions in Matrix 8 are specifically designed for jewelry. Small and finely-detailed pieces can be a challenge to orient and support, and PreForm sometimes requires some tweaking/editing to get the structures exactly right.

There’s nothing specific about Preform that would create bad supports for jewelry. In any printing program the orientation of the object and the location of the supports are very important, while the software can try to position things automatically, you can very often get much improved results by orienting it yourself and placing the support points manually.
For some basic guidelines, try to have the most detailed parts facing upwards, don’t make a flat surface on the bottom parallel to the platform, instead make it a bit angled (ideally like 45 degrees) and try to avoid orientations that will require more supports.

It is possible to manually specify support points as well. I noticed that about 2 hours into using the software.

Eu uso o programa B9creator pra gerar os suporte com ele consigo colocar os suporte em locais mais especifico e no Rhinoceros uso o RP Tool para gerar suporte também muito bom esse pluguin, exporto o arquivo para STL e uso na Formlabs fica muito bom!

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