Preform VS. B9 creator software

I’m a jewelry designer. I ask the company if they can program another software which is Ideal for jewelry models. unfortunately preform isn’t good enough for jewelry.
I compare it with B9 creator is much better than preform( less use of resin and easier to break the supports) but if we make support structures with b9 creator software & print with form 2 it takes 2 times slower than preform.

I also use F2 for jewelry and I think the B9 program is way better than Formlabs for jewelry I have already tried to make an impression with these B9 support if it is too high they will close not complete in F2 you had some success making impressions of Support on F2?

Yes. They are successful and use of resin decreases. you have to export the files to stl. format

And in other topics I have seen several F2 users who use the program to print jewelry and complain about this detail that can not support the thinnest and have never seen someone from formlabs give an answer on this great problem.

in preform or b9 support?

You are very lucky in jewelry to have the new B9 Core available, where there is a guaranteed minimum 600 prints before replacing the vat (besides the speed). FormLabs is doing an excellent job with dentistry and prototypers who need the larger format of the F2, yet at such a reasonable price. Amazing. I think Formlabs is farther ahead with exploring the potential of resins. One challenge with SLA is the geometry of power loss at the edges of the build plate, and I know that is part of the software, but adding glass and tank (acrylic and EPDM, which have different refractions) definitely adds challenges for each change. FEP is so much thinner, just less predictable when it recovers from each stretch/peel. That can easily be overcome, but I am sure FL has a reason, since it is the last of the contenders to make the change.