Lack of detail around supports in castable resin

I’m cleaning up some prints done in castable resin and I’ve noticed that the detail is not so sharp on the sides where the supports were. I have been going with the philosophy that less supports was better and a little larger support contact (and scrupulous going through the layers to catch floaters and growing the print from itself whenever I can). Now I’m thinking maybe I should use more supports with a smaller contact point to get the detail. What are other people’s experiences?
I’m printing rings, pendants, small things usually at .05 but sometimes .025.

Do you have some photo’s?

I usually start with 0.3mm supports on all resins except tough and flexible and then when weight is added to the part(solid blocks or just a large piece) I go for 0.5mm on flats.

Any downward facing surface is going to have less detail due to the orientation of the laser because it will go through the current layer and cure extra material on the opposite side. With supports, since resin will stick to them it ends up worse.

I tried the .3mm supports as @fantasy2 suggested and I used a technique from another thread about getting crisp type (I can’t find it now so I can’t credit the person) and I got a better print which I’ll use as a text cast once I’ve cleaned it up. My feeling is that this particular ring might need solidscape. I’ve printed it and crisped up the design about 6 times now, which I expected to do. I’m just trying to see how much I can do with this printer.

The other ring I think will work just fine. Both printed at .25 using the lovely suggestions I mentioned above. THanks.

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