Best angle & best thickness of supports for high resolution jewelry prints?

I wanna ask you to share your informations. what is your suggestion & what are your experiences about successful jewelery prints? please upload photos of some of your best prints & some of your best castings. mabye we can improve our knowledge.

Thank you all!!! :wink:

Hard to print - Hard to cast

Printed on Form1+ (some times on Form2), whit Blue-Cast Compatible resin. Casting: silver.
Resolution 0.05 mm
Cleaning with alcohol…no UV post curing.


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very well.they are beautiful.
how did you prepare supports?! with preform or another software?
and how did you cast them? are you satisfied?
is it better to print models flat or with a little rotation?!

the supports were put with softwhare modeling.
With a little experience you understud that not all the critical areas indicated by preform need support.
For casting: Plaster optima prestige (with vacum pump).
Preheated oven 1 hour, 1 hour for bornout (850 °), 925 silver.
No expoansion or creck on castin whit Blue-Cast resin.

No rotation for print.

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TNX alot :wink:

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