Printerbed stuck to the tank now failing

Yesterday i started a print, when i got home to look if it was finished the printerbed was not lifted and the printer was turned off.
I tried to press cancel print but it didnt work since according to the printer it was “ready to print”, i tried uploading a print and cancelling it before even pressing the button to start it, that worked to the point that the print was cancelled and the printer started to work to lift the printerbed but it didnt work and made a noise as if it was working with resistance so i powered it down. When i open it i realize that the printerbed is stuck to the tank with hard resin inbetween so i am forced to take out the printerbed and tank together and manage to take them appart without using to much force. ( had to bend it aside with a tool tho) I tried two prints since then, first one just print 1-2 layers and then fails and prints the rest in the tank, second print did not even stick to the printerbed at all.
All prints including the first one that caused the trouble was very simple ones that i have printed before.
Is something broken ? What can i do ? Anyone had this happen before ?

It sounds like there might be a few things going on here and our support team is going to be best to help troubleshoot further. The machine powering off mid-print is not typical behavior and powering the machine back on should cause it to ‘initialize’ and raise the build platform back to home. A member of our support team will be reaching out to you directly over email to help out.

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