Printer works fine few month ago but now it's not

an image will always explain it better
I run the formlab test and it works fine but not on big objects

Clean the large mirror, and possibly the galvo mirrors if that doesn’t help. On the Form 1/1+ you are pretty much guaranteed to get dust on the mirrors which will need to be cleaned off from time to time.

Thanks Zachary.
my main mirror is clean.
but I didn’t check the galvo.
my problem is quite similar as this one : Suddenly every print fails

Yep, almost the same problem. Except I’m using the Form 2. I really am starting to think this is because of a software (or firmware) update.

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90% of the time it’s dust that’s the issue, if you look here:
If you get a light in there you’ll probably see a lot more dust.

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