Printer just says Waiting for Tank to fill and does nothing else

Hey there I hope you can help me I have a big Problem.
At the moment I want to print with the resin left in my tank because my cartridge is empty.
Until yesterday it work perfectly I just let the empty cartridge in the Printer, then wehen I start a print it trys to fill the tank and after some time it says it could not fill the tank and asks me what I want to to, If I want to cancle the print, try it again or want to continue. So far so good but since yesterday it just trys to fill the tank and never says that it could not fill it it just trys to fill it until you cancel the print because I hoped I just have to wait but after 2 hours of waiting I canceld the print. Anyone can help m with that. I already restarted the Printer the Computer and tryed another model. Oh and the resin is above the min. Limit line in the tank.

If there is resin in the tank pick it up and re-seat it. If that doesn’t work close the vent and remove the tank then check that the valve is OK. Re-insert and go again. If that doesn’t work you might have to try a second tank.
Another thing that you might try is shutting the printer off and restarting it.

The cartridges have a limited lifespan that once reached will not longer register but that doesn’t sound like what’s going on

We would expect the printer to eventually detect that the cartridge is empty and give you the option to continue or cancel so our support team will want to help identify why that isn’t the case for you. I’ve reached out to our team, and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help troubleshoot.

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