"Printer is busy" message

I am a proud owner of a Form 2 and have had very good prints from it. Today while transferring file to the printer I encountered this “Printer is busy” message and therefore could not connect to the printer. Has any one had any experience with this error? Please share your knowledge about this. Thanks a lot.

Glad to hear everything’s been working well for you! There can be a few causes for the ‘Printer is busy’ message most of which can be corrected by power cycling the machine. Let us know if that corrects things for you and if not, we’ll troubleshoot further.

I did clear all the prints in the printer’s storage. Also power it off, take out the electrical cable, the usb cable,and let it cooled off for a few hours. This worked and the printer was back on. Is this whole process called “power cycling the machine” as you advised?

That goes a bit beyond power cycling :slight_smile: Typically, power cycling just refers to unplugging the machine and plugging the machine back in but the additional steps you took are great for troubleshooting as well and I’m glad everything worked out well for you!


I am having this same issue, however the power cycling hasn’t worked for me. I tried both just unplugging and plugging back in, but also the more complex version described above. I have a formlabs 2 and my laptop ran out of battery mid-transfer of the printing file. Once I re-charged it, I cancelled the file transfer to make sure the file uploaded wouldn’t be an erroneous one, and now my preform software doesn’t recognise the printer when connected. I’ve also tried downloading the newest preform software but that didn’t help. Tried using a different laptop and didn’t work.

What else can I do?


@jr699 If you’re not able to get this fixed, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team. There are additional troubleshooting steps we can try like performing a factory reset and modifying networking settings.

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