Form2 showing busy in Preform

Relatively new Form2 connected thru wifi shows busy in Preform on a fairly consistent basis.
I try:

  • Rebooting pc, printer and router in any and all combinations - nothing
  • Forgetting printer in preform and “refinding” it - just says printer already in list.
  • Forgetting the wifi connection and reconnecting, after reboots of everything.- nothing
    eventually after several reboots and reconnections it suddenly pops back ready to work, with no obvious successful sequence of fixes.
    Is there a file or setting held by preform that flags a printer as busy I could blast?
    or is there something on the form2 I could kick?
    It worked well for a weeks or so, then a few days of being off/on busy then another period of a couple of weeks of behaving and now a day or two of being more busy than not when I need action.

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