Printer Hangs during print

Yesterday my printer just hung halfway through a 4 hour job. The platform was down in the tank but the laser was not firing. I tried the touch screen and the pause button but they were locked out. After waiting about ten minutes I power cycled it and scrapped the print. Is there anything I can try when this happens to get it out of that condition?

In my experience there is nothing you can do except power cycle and start over. I have had this happen to me 3 times now in roughly 150 prints.

The only other thing I would suggest is you submit your diagnostics (via the printer dialog) and follow up with a ticket. For me two of the times there was nothing of significance, however the third time support told me it was due to a bug and it would be fixed in a later firmware release (this was 3-4 months ago).

Can you make sure you’re running the most recent PreForm and Firmware versions. As @kevinduhe mentioned, we did have a bug a few months ago that caused a spike in mid-print pauses. If you’re running the most recent versions, you should get in touch with our support team so that we can help troubleshoot this further for you.

I’m still running preform 2.10.3, I tried 2.11 back in April but it was unusable due to it crashing every time I tried to edit any supports.
FW is rc 1.9.9-43

I meant to link our release notes page in my first reply which has the latest PreForm and Firmware versions.. It does look like you’re running older PreForm and Firmware versions and here’s to hoping that updating to the latest and greatest corrects things for you. If you’re noticing that PreForm is crashing, it’s often best to get in touch with our support team rather than downgrading to a previous version. This helps us to track potential bugs in the software and get the most up-to-date version running for you.

Oh I did get in touch with support back in April they said:

“It’s possible that you’re seeing these crashes even if your computer meets the minimum requirements. If that’s the case, knowing things like your graphics card, amount of computer memory, and even the specific model of your computer could help us figure out and fix whatever problem with PreForm is causing the crashes. Sometimes problems only manifest on a small percentage of computers.”

If your software will only work properly with certain kinds of graphics HW you should state that in your requirements. I am not willing to send my time debugging your code.

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