Printer Dust Cover!

After having a recent failure with my printer, i believe it was down to the dust in the machine (Still testing it out after galvo cleaning!)
I decided to knock up a quick cover for my form 1+
As my printer is situated at the end of my desk, i am always using tools next to the printer, ie dremel and files etc, all of which produce alot of dust. i wanted to prevent that, so made this cheap cover for less than £10! (Or free for me as i had the felt laying around.
Thought i would share it with you guys if you wanted to make your own.

Ok, im not great with a sewing machine, but hey it only took 10-15 minutes to knock up!
Rough dimensions to get an easy to remove cover
quick drawing to show how to make it.
I think it is a must have for any form owners! i personally keep my printer covered whenever i can, the only time its uncovered is when im taking a print out or cleaning the resin tray.
I plan on making some alterations to it,m to include a clear piece of acrylic or similar to view the screen and mabye part of the resin tray.
I should be making another cover soon out of a tighter weaved/woolen felt as the felt i had laying around is a bit on the cheap side, but will do for now!
if anyone wants more acurate measurments or advice ill hapily help! and ill post my new cover when my material arrives!


Ben, I agree on the cover over the Form 1+. I don’t have as an elaborate cover as you but I do have a silk cloth, photo backdrop, that I drape over the machine all the time except when removing a build or working on the resin. I also keep the resin tray covered at all times except when printing. I’m more concerned about UV light than dust though. I have two windows near the machine and also a high intensity ceiling LED flood light right over the machine. As I don’t have anywhere else to put the machine the cover seems to be the answer.

  • Walt

Here’s mine - it’s good to be Glad! (tall kitchen glad, that is…)

button and display are useable/readable with it on.

Its great to see some other people have had similar ideas!
I asked the guys via my support ticket about covering the printer and their response was as follows:

-Covering the Printer-
Covering the machine is not inherently a problem. If you work in an area where dust is created such as a workshop, anything you can do to reduce the printers exposure will help. There actually aren’t any fans inside the printer so you don’t have to worry about ventilation.
The only thing you will need to monitor is that the printer doesn’t get too warm. The ambient temperature needs to be between 64–82° F. If the printer is covered it will be on the warmer side, but as long as it stays within this range it will not effect printing (just make sure it doesn’t sit in the sun).

I’ve just done the same but was also wondering if there are certain materials which should be avoided. Not sure if there might be possible chemical reaction with the vapours? It would definitely be good to know. In addition wouldn’t felt potentially add to the dust issue since it is quite a fibrous material and the action of putting the cover on and off is likely to loosen bits?

Interesting thoughts Ian, I actually am using a denser felt now, which is almost like a stiff foam, doesn’t easily collect dust. and once a week when i’m having a clean and tidy i take the cover off and bang it out anyway.
And the fact that the cover is normally on the machine, and i take care when taking it off, the inside of the cover is clean, outside gets dirty…
What vapours do you mean? as far as i’m aware there shouldn’t be any reaction as there aren’t many/any vapours produced.