Light Blocking Cover

Here’s my recent Form 1+ project not printed on the Form 1+.

Our work room where we keep the printer gets super bright, especially in the morning. This is despite having closed blinds on south and west windows. and a 100% light blocking shade on the east window. While the printer is not touched by direct sunlight, I was concerned that the indirect sunlight might gradually affect the resin inside the printer.

My solution was to make a cover for the Form 1+ out of black out material purchased from our local JoAnn Fabric store. The fabric cost $3.50 a yard and a single yard was all I needed.

The room can get pretty dusty too (we live in Los Angeles after all,) so the cover serves double duty as a dust cover.

It’s been a couple of decades since I touched a sewing machine and I wound up stitching this cover twice. The first time, the cover fit the printer fine but it was more snug than I wanted. Fortunately, I cut the fabric with a half-inch seam allowance so I was able to rip the seams and re-stitch it slightly larger. The rounded corners were really tricky but I got the technique down the second time around. I’m considering this a successful ‘prototype’: the cover is still a close fit but it slips off and on easily now. (Hmm…I wonder if I should go into manufacturing these.) :smile:


Edit: hmm…$3.50 must have been a limited time sale price but I can still recommend making a cover with this material.


Do you sell these :stuck_out_tongue: I’m to busy to sow them myself…

If Dennis doesn’t want to go into the Form1+ cover business, you can buy them on Etsy from a different vendor

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I think for dust and scratch protection, the one on Etsy should work quite well…and it looks nice too! :smile:

One possible advantage with the one I made might be the light blocking property of the fabric. I haven’t put that much thought into making more but let me ask my partner Alisa. She has more experience with this sort of thing and maybe we can do a small KickStarter to see if there’s enough interest.


Your quite the seamstress! Nice job!
I have been using an old chunk of cloth and draped it over, If I tried to stitch that I think it would resemble a ball.

I have my Form1+ on a workbench that has a built in light, just have to find a nice tint sleeve for the florescent light or change the bulb to a warm from a cool to reduce the amount of UV though it hasn’t seem to bother the resin yet.