Form 1 cover

Shameless plug but…

I’m putting up Form 1 covers for sale here.

I’ve tried to find a suitable cover but nothing out there so…

Thanks for looking!

Well done. Thx.

Pretty neat – looks well done! Maybe we’ll pick up a few for the HQ.

@Sam, I was thinking for tradeshows. Custom tailored, all black; functional and very classy. Nice work, MechaMother.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Shame on you! I just ordered one :wink:

I had thought of something like this a while back while dusting the Form 1 but didn’t have the time or the skill with a needle and thread to make it!  Looks amazing Teck.  I will be purchasing one shortly!

Also to Sam or someone else at Form, would we be alright printing with a cover on?

Yep – shouldn’t be a problem. The only concern, probably, would be heat-dissipation during printing. The Form 1 is low power, though, as it doesn’t have any heating elements, so you should be fine. We’re ordering a couple :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

Some user testimonial.

Where you located @TeckWeeTan ?
Do you still have these in stock?

Yes we have stock. I’m from Singapore.

This is looking great and i’m definitely interested in ordering one, but i’m wondering, would it be possible to offer different materials? say some type of plastic material that doesn’t naturally generate dust in the form of tiny hairs etc. ?

We don’t have plans to switch to non-cotton materials. There’s no issue with fabric fibers so far.

Hi @TeckWeeTan,

I know I’m resurrecting and old thread here, but for good reason. I bought one of your Form 1 covers and it was great. I’m wondering: Do you offer any cover / sleeve for the new Form 2?


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