Custom Dust Covers for Form 1+ and Form 2 Available

Pardon any intrusion, but for those owners not inclined to make a dust cover on their own, we wanted to let you know where you can find dust covers for your valuable Form 1+ and Form 2 printers.

These protective dust covers are made in the USA by DigitalDeckCovers, in your choice of 11 high quality fabrics, including cotton, nylon, vinyl, and quilted options. Because each one is custom made to order, we can also include any cutouts or open/partial back requests (just specify in the order comments section these options).

You can find them on the pages below:

Form 1+ Dust Cover

Form 2 Dust Cover

We made a special promo for Formslabs buyers: enter FORMLABS5 for 5% off your order.

We ship worldwide.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to helping you protect your 3D printer!

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Would be good if you actually had some pictures of the dust covers… seems unlikely many if any would buy sight-unseen.

Very True. Below are some quick photos of our black nylon with PVC lining:

However, we also have cottons, vinyl, and quilted options, which you can see photos of here .

Some additional detail of the nylon fabric and sewing techniques can be seen here:

Thanks again for your time.

OK. So are all fabrics vinyl-lined?

What about Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)? The covers will likely generate static electricity being slid on/off. The printer ought to be protected against ESD so long as it’s connected to an AC line cord that’s plugged in. But still, as someone who’s worked in the electronics industry for close to 40 years, my personal preference is to minimize ESD wherever possible. I like the covers, I’ll probably buy a couple from you rather than continue with the plan to make my own, but not if they’ll generate a lot of static electricity sliding on/off the printers.

I don’t think that those fabric get static but a good question. I have been using a piece of cotton cloth right now. I would be interested if they blocked UV.

Ah ha, what nice timing :joy: I’ve been designing covers for both machines for the last couple months with an industrial sewing company here in San Francisco, and am about to release them shortly. Y’all beat me to the punch! Se la vie, se la vie.

Your covers look nice, and that’s impressive that you can offer custom covers for hundreds of different machines all made to order. Mine will be a slightly different build with different features, so hopefully that makes more options for all of the users out there and their preferences.


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