Form 1+ printer and resin heating

My Form 1+ is either in my basement work shop or in my home office.
Outside of the summer the basement has a temperatur of 12,5 Celsius and the home office 16-18 Celsius.

Both rooms are bad for printing as the resin and the printer are too cold. As I cannot put the printer elsewhere I wonder how you heat the build platform and resin in similar situations.

Thanks for your help.

I had a similar question myself, and I found this older thread:

I plan on printing the stl clip and installing the same setup. I’ve already ordered the parts. I’m having the same issue as you. Even if I heat up my room, it does nothing to heat up the resin in the printer. I also purchased the following cover for the printer:

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That´s great. :+1::+1::+1:
Thanks for your help - much appreciated. Will give it a try in the coming days.

I have found this post today - Light Blocking Cover

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One more question:

Will the "IncuKit™ MINI not spill resin all over the internals of the Form 1+ because of the constant airstream from the ventilator - especially when the print is finished and the resin is dripping into the vat again?

I am thinking about using a timer that can cut off the power of the Incukit like 5-10 min before the end of the print. With this the resin would still be heated but not accidents could happen.

The one guy in that forum post said that he cuts off power to the fan near to when the print finishes, but you’re right that buying a timer would make things much easier then having to make sure resin doesn’t get everywhere after a print. First time I’d do a small print and keep my eye on the setup just to make sure everything is functioning as it should, otherwise it’d be a bitch of a clean up.

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