Printer cover inside cleanup

Greetings, after a dozen prints I noticed small droplets inside the cover (on left and right sides mainly).

Any recommendations about how to clean this up? The material seems similar to the resin tanks, and IPA is a no-go there so I’m assuming the same applies to the cover…

DON’T use alcohol it will destroy the cover. Use something like Magic 7 that will dissolve the resin. Wipe us as clean as you can is the best you can do.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

As Im based in Europe I have never seen Magic 7 so not sure if I can find an equivalent… I can try to just use a damp cloth and see if it’s enough.

Magic 7 is just a heavy duty commercial cleaner. It can cut the resin film that IPA leaves behind some times. I’ve actually moved away from it. I make sure I replenish my API by pouring it off into old used water 1 gal plastic jugs. These I let sit, in the sun if possible, and then pump off the top alcohol so I don’t pick up the resin residue at the bottom. I usually add at least one 1/2 liter of fresh API to the second wash tank. I leave parts in this tank for 15 minutes and find they come out pretty clean and not sticky.

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