Clean Form2 Printer cover

I used Sudan Orange G to produce costumer resin, however, it contaminated the internal cover as the figure shown. I can’t clean it with IPA. Do you have any idea about removing Sudan Orange G from a plastic container?

Usual advice for cleaning the cover is Novus #1 plastic polish. If you do use something stronger (avoid IPA), be sure to “rinse” it off afterward using something benign.

Unfortunately, I used a little Acetone to clean it. The cover surface was damaged. Do you have some ideas about repairing?

why to avoid ipa? I have also stains but not this much… Also is it possible to buy this cover, my crack on front and back corner have no idea why I didnt hit it with nothing??? maybe temperature difference?

If the Form1/2/3 cover is made of acrylic, some forms of alcohol can damage acrylic. I don’t know about IPA but denatured ethanol definitely can.

then how to clean sticky resin?

I have used the mentioned Novus plastic “clean and shine” (no.1) also for resin that found its way onto a cover. Worked quite OK.

I had no idea what Sudan Orange G was so I looked it up…so it is a dye. OK so you were dyeing the resin per customer request. Understood but I don’t see how the resin was splashed so extensively over the inside of the cover.

Have you had similar splashing of resin with Form Labs unadulterated resins?

As for cleaning the cover (well you later said you ruined it with acetone) Form Labs does not recommend using IPA to clean the cover as it supposedly leads to cracking. I have used IPA judiciously to clean small amounts of resin and have seen no apparent negative results to this date but…Your cover looks like the resin tank exploded !

If you desire a cover that is not so damaged I would think your only option would be to purchase a new cover. If you will later be using any “custom concocted resins” you can switch over to the damaged cover for those print sessions so as to not damage the new cover.

Good luck…that cover is a mess !

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There are some Youtube videos about polishing and repairing plastic / acrylic. Never attempted it myself on a cover; given the shape it might be awkward.

I’d be surprised if Formlabs is out of stock on Form 2 covers; try reaching out to them to get a replacement.

It can cause the acrylic to weaken and crack. I’ve accidentally splashed drops while cleaning parts; no big deal just wipe it off. Do an image search on acrylic ipa damage to see what more severe exposure can do.

Now I know why i have two cracks on plexi… I used small amounts to clean. And that spray that you said, do you have name of chemical that can be used because I am not sure I will find same in my country…

Not sure you’ll find that. Here’s the SDS if it helps.

I imagine any plastic polishing agent that’s safe on acrylic will work.

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