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Printer 2 Printer File transfer


Have Formlabs looked into adding the option of transferring files from one printer type to another, if on the same network subnet?
Perhaps, the flow would be something like this:
Printer 1 has run out of resin - or developed a fault, but is still working.
The lab has 2 other networked printers, all running on the same subnet
Printer 1 menu now has an option to search for other printers on the network.
It sees Printers 2 and 3.
Files menu now allows transfer from Printer 1 to Printer 2 or 3, irrespective of resin currently fitted.
Resin and tank swap now allows file from Printer 1 to run on Printer 2 or 3 without the need for the lab technician to contact the original operator and create and new file for Printer 2 or 3…
Technician (or original operator) now runs new file on Printer 2 or 3…

Note: ALL printers must be the same model; i.e., Form 2 or Form 3, etc.

Simplistic at best, but would add considerable practical functionality between printers that are already using compatible network protocols that should be capable of detecting similar printers on a subnet.