Creating a Formlabs 3D printer networ. What do you think?

Hi,I’m working on setting up a website to connect people looking to get things SLA printed with Formlab owners. I would like to get a sense of who out there, that owns a Form 1, would be interested in joining.  Also what sort of features would you like this network to have? What concerns would you have about it? Are you trying to use your printer as a business or for personal use? If joining this network would help drive customers to you, would you join? I would like to only allow Form 1 printers and other SLA printers to maintain quality prints rather than allowing all the FDM printers. Let me know your thoughts. Send me an email if you want to keep in contact and be a part of this once it is up and running at:



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The idea of being compensated for others work being printed on my Form1 is interesting. There are many issues to consider. What are Eric’s(?) thoughts?

I am concerned about customer expectations for out put/deliverables, as well as timelines, and how to assist the customer in getting a good print? Basicly, my Form1 becomes a node in a virtual network, or I become a 3d print shop technician?

Yes Temujin, your printer would basically become a node in the network and then you would get paid for each job sent your way that is completed. If anyone wants their printer added to the network we are building let me know.