Thinking about buying a From1+


Just joined here. I am just starting my company

I have a higher end filament machine coming. The Form1+ would be the perfect 2nd machine for what I do.

Not seeing a phone number anywhere on the website or even when Googled does not bring me great confidence. It seems like they depend on this forum leaving customers to fend for themselves by advising each other. Not much support at all. Is this true? How fast is the response when you srat a ticket? is the advise good to fix your issues? ? Do you flip emails for days or can you eventually get a phone number and a live person? I am not fast at typing so give me a phone number.

So how reliable is the machine? Is is a persnickety beast with you always wondering if you will get a good print? I just don’t have $4000.00 to make a bad choice in getting new equipment.

Tell me about the quality and layering? Is it consistently good or hit n miss? For me most of what I do color does not matter so is 1 color better and more reliable than others?

It is 10:00 est (I am in New Jersey) If someone that has long experience on the Form1 (machine & company) could call me it would be appreciated. 856-579-4440. I am going out in abut 1/2 hour for maybe 2 hours. If I am still out please leave a message. You would be the first on my new business phone!

Thanks Much
Bill Lane

Bill, our average ticket response time is a few hours — and we’re always trying to improve. We’re definitely looking for the best ways of serving you, so if email support is a problem for you, other arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.

If you’d like to arrange a call to speak to a sales representative who can answer your questions, I suggest you drop our team a line on our contact us page. Of course, many of the members here are great resources as well. In the meantime, I’ll pass on your number.

I had the Formlabs team print a sample part I made as a test before I committed to purchasing one.
The quality of the print is outstanding, parts are far smoother than Polyjet or Object prints. Resins are expensive and you should purchase a tank at the same time but the turn around and cost differential compared to jobbing the parts out makes it a no brainer. I used to pay between $25-$80 for a print and my costs for similar parts are less than $2-$7 and my turnaround is only a couple of hours rather than a couple of days.

Biggest and most critical thing I have found so far is keeping the resin mixed in the tray prior to use and to be sure all is clean and ready between prints. So far no regrets here at all. Machine out of the box is so simple and the software is so intuitive to use I really don’t think you need a manual if you have any 3d experience. I find it harder to print duplex or envelopes on a laser printer than I do the Form1+

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I think it depends what kind of models or parts you are trying to make.