Looking to Buy Form1 +

Hi all,

I’m new here, and I know is not nice to start with a post like this one :slight_smile:
But I looking to buy a used form 1 plus at good price?

Please pm me with what you have.


Welcome to the community! We offer Reconditioned Form 1+ units for sale through Formlabs.com. The price is a great deal. Plus, like a brand new purchase, the reconditioned printer purchase includes resin, resin tank, build platform, and a finishing kit. Take a look, and reach out to our sales team if you have any questions.

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If you are an amazon prime member they offer interest free finance for 12 months on big purchases like this (plus free 2 day shipping obviously). I’d personally stick with a new unit.

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I do understand your point but i am at the very beginning and my budget is very limited :cry:

New - $2800 / 12 months = 233.33$ per month payment
Used/Refurb - $2100 upfront payment

I personally would not risk that kind of money on a used or refurbished printer, unless you are just using it for a hobby and don’t mind fiddling with stuff constantly or potential downtime. (personally I cannot risk increased downtime in my current situation)

One thing these printers have over all the FDM ones is these work perfect right out of the box. I have a Rostock Max V2 FDM printer which i had to assemble by hand, and takes constant upkeep and tweaks to EVERY model you print to get high quality prints. My Form 1+ I unboxed, dumped in resin, and had a flawless print from day 1 with no tweaks to the model. The only issue i have run into so far is dust particles sometimes getting on the mirror and causing a small pinhole in my prints, but i keep a good eye on each batch and as soon as i see one i remove the resin tray and blast off the offending dust particle with can of compressed air.

Overall i am very happy with this printer and the support from form labs!

i actually like the souls but the cost if too much for me at the moment i need for jewellery

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