Print Winterfell from Game of Thrones, because Winter is coming!

OK i just had to share this! the Form 1 did a fantastic job printing this wonderful design that i found on Thingiverse:

after poor results using supports (the base is too fragile and was cracking during support removal), I decided to print without them, given the flat base. it worked great! pictures below are from printing the *_detailed STL at full scale, with 25 um layers. i think it came out really great!

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Looks great! If you’re having trouble removing supports from delicate pieces, try using snips or nail clippers once the print has finished drying.  I find that helps when I’m having trouble just snapping off the supports by hand.

thanks! there are a few flaws in the wall but i’m now more diligent about looking for cured resin or other impurities in the reservoir before printing.

if i’m understanding you correctly, i may see where i’m going wrong. i have indeed tried snips but did you mean to let the print completely dry after IPA wash before using them? the way i’ve been interpreting the instructions is to remove the model from the supports =immediately= after IPA wash. should i let it sit n (12?) hours to dry after IPA before attempting to remove from the supports? thanks for the tips!


It depends a bit on the part.  For most parts, you’re right–it’s easier to remove supports while the part is still wet with the IPA.  That’s because the resin, both object and support, is somewhat softer then.  For really delicate parts, though, that same softness may be a problem.  When I’m doing very delicate parts, I definitely let the IPA dry completely before removing the supports–usually just a few hours is enough.

This is insanely awesome.

3D hangable map anyone?

WOW! Congratulation for this amazing piece of art!