One small tree wip

Hi there,

I just want to share a work in progress i made with the form1+.
The end of the branches are even smaller than teeth of the supports itself ( make
it very difficult to remove, it took me 2 hours to do so )
But the result are really fantastic
I remember one guy at formlabs saying that my model are not printable with the form1, here it is with the form1+ :slight_smile:
I think the new peel process help a lot to keep small features intact.


Ha! That’s awesome! Have you had a chance to try out the black resin yet?

Neat. I would highly recommend mixing a little, maybe 20%-40%, of B9 Creator’s Cherry Red resin into your grey resin. What that will do is eliminate the brittleness of the grey resin. Then you can very quickly remove supports because everything will bend, not break as you maneuver your snips or knife into position for the cut. It also thins the resin for better flow during difficult prints and even makes the peel smoother! The flex will go away when you post-cure it in the sun.

i didn’t have the chance to try with the black resin. But yes i will certainly do :slight_smile:

The mixing with B9 resin is for sure a great idea ( i didn’t know that the B9 cherry was more flexible ) but i prefer to have a ready to use resin ( and i don’t have so much prints like this one ) But thanks for the tips !

The black definitely shows more detail, and anecdotally I’ve found it less brittle than some of our other resins (so less painful for support structure removal). I’ve also seen some good results posted to the forum with the B9/FL resin mix, but at the cost of tank lifetime.

Can’t wait to see the entire project!


@Gillesalexandre, what tools did you find helpful to removing the supports?

Hi Christopher,

I use exclusively this small tool :
If i’m correct it’s a cuticle nail nipper in english
It’s small enough to sneak around the support and strong enough to easily break it.
The fact that it’s small help a lot !!