Print suctioned and stuck to the Tank :(

Hey forum, I thought I left enough open holes in the print to prevent a suction, it’s a fairly large print and the suction was too much it seems. I’ve since fixed the issue and managed to do some test prints and finish this print without any issues, but my question is…

When it stuck to the Tank, the motor made a loud roaring noise and pushed back inward to prevent potentially destroying the motor I’d imagine. I did get an error with the fault. I’m curious if there’s any way I can test for long term effects this might cause to the printer? Maybe it messed up the motor a little bit and I’ll see failure down the line?

The prints are coming out fine now, just worried about longevity to the motor. Thoughts?

I can’t say I’ve encountered a motor destroying itself on the peel movement (they can skip steps with enough force) and so long as your prints are going well, you should be good to go!

Vent holes are a great step in preventing the suction effect but the positioning of them is especially important. The drain holes must be printed below any enclosed cavities. Can you upload the .form file of the part that was causing issue so that we can take a look?

I just wanted to make sure the motor was alright, because I saw and heard it attempt pull the print up and failed then gave an error.

The first one had small openings to vent, difficult to see in the image, the second one I created much larger openings.

This is the one that failed:

This one succeeded:

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