This sucks, with a pop

This is worrying me. The print seems to generate suction and then makes a huge pop that shakes the whole machine when build platform moves up. I put a vent hole but it doesn’t seem to help.
-The hole is too small
-The hole is too blocked with supports.

Here is a video of what happens and a screen shot of the Preform showing the layer that the video was recorded on. Once the vent hole is above the resin level in the tray the issues goes away, but at the same time the problem would go away with out the vent whole if enough air was trapped under the print.


try angling the things so that its not printing the entire flat circle at the same time.

This happens every single time when I print with my HTR resin with classic tank (not on my Long life tank with same resin). I believe that was the cause of my cracking resin tanks. But formlab has deny it. They said I have resin in my tank for too long (2 Months with couple of prints everything week). Keep an eye on your resin tank. I have couple leaked before and you won’t want that to happen on your machine.

Hey there @ThomasFlanigan!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! Sorry to hear you’re hearing some unsettling noises during printing.

It looks like your video link might not be working anymore. Would you mind reposting that so I could take a look at exactly what you’re describing?

Thanks so much!

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