Print start only after hard reboot of printer (1.6.4)

I have a repeatable issue with my Form 3 printer (newest firmware, occured occasionally).
Whenever I start a print, either uploaded from PreForm or choosen from the printed jobs list, it stucks always for hours in step 3/5 Filling.

The only workaround is to switch off the printer and to choose the aborted job from print jobs.

It does not work when I abort the job, it must be the switch off variant.

This is really annoying and costs a lot of time. It did not occure at the beginning, I expect it’s an issue from the last firmware updates. Resin tank is full.

Please help to solve this issue.


I also wrote some details here:

It sounds like your cartridges empty and you need a new one. Preform reports the amount of resin the can be used rather than how much is left in the cartridge.

I didn’t change anything between the tries. It only starts after are hard power off.
My cardridge is full.

Hi all
I have noticed that this only happens with the gray resin.
I changed the tank and cardridge recently and everything worked as usual, no timeout etc.

Is there any issue with the resin level sensor?
If so, why isn’t there a timeout?

Hello community
I have installed the new firmware today and started a new print with gray resin. It seems to work, there was no need for interruption as before.

Thanks for fixing this issue!

All the best