Print slightly exceeds the build box - can I try to print?

I designed a piece of architectural framing that I really need to print in one piece for strength. It fits the build box parameters before supports are generated and after supports are added the base very slightly exceeds the build box. There seem to be enough supports throughout and within the build box to very adequately support the print.

Can I run a print even though it is slightly exceeding the build platform? Will it damage the printer in anyway? I am willing to try to risk a failed print before I have to go back and split the piece into two sections which will compromise it’s overall strength in the end.

I found a post on this from 2014 - then, it was apparently impossible to start a print that exceeded the build platform, but I don’t know if anything has changed between then and now. I have a Form 2. Also, I don’t know if I am posting under the right “topic”.

As always, thanks to the community for any and all advice!


PreForm will prevent you from starting any prints that extend beyond the build volume. The printable area extends slightly beyond the grid so as long as you’re able to print, you should be good to go.

If you need to make the raft a bit smaller, lowering slope multiplier and base thickness will both decrease the area. This can cause lesser adhesion and can make part removal a bit more challenging so I’d avoid it if everything fits as is.

Also, if you used automatic support generation you may be able to reposition the supports yourself in Edit Mode and position them in a way that doesn’t extend beyond the print area. From what I can tell though, the software will cut off the base if it extends beyond the print area, if a support or the object itself extends beyond the area though it will not allow you to print.

I just printed a large model of Highway double billboard. To get the model printed I needed to break it apart. Any print can be split and reattached with resin and a 405mn laser.
You need to be little more creative.

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