Printing Lattices without Supports?

Has anyone tried printing lattices on form2 without support? Do you have problems with platform adhesion? Or, are there certain settings you recommend?
In particular I am interested in printing with flexible resin.
thanks a lot!

I don’t think FL has published the specific rules, but you can probably infer some of them from their published design guide here (maximum unsupported overhang, maximum horizontal span, minimum unsupported overhang angle, etc). If you can generate a lattice that follows those rules it might work.

If you could convince FL to share Preform’s rules for adding supports, and you could generate a lattice to comply, you could probably print without supports that way.

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The support algorithm is pretty complicated these days, and using the design guide as a reference might be easiest. The support shading will give an idea for which areas are undersupported, though this tends to be overly conservative especially for lattice structures. I’ve done a slightly modified version of this in Flexible Resin (removing the minimas), and it prints without issue.

If you put your own raft (a 1-2mm layer) at the bottom of your lattice, you should be able to print that directly on the build platform in Flexible, with no added supports. You might also be able to print some lattices directly on the build platform with no raft and no supports, but it would depend more on the shape and scale of the lattice than the lattice-attached-to-a-raft version.

Hi thanks for your response. Did you print it directly on the build platform?

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Yeah, the gyroid we did direct on platform. That might be a bit more precarious than I’d suggest as there isn’t much cross-sectional area for those early layers. If you opt to go the custom raft route, I’d make it 5mm as that’s the thickness of the auto generated rafts in PreForm. We’ve been using custom rafts for a few upcoming resins and a belt sander makes quick work of them.

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