Print running without resin in tank!

This morning we were unpleasantly surprised by an error from the Form 3.

It complained that the wiper wasn’t seated correctly which indeed was the case. So we put it in place and continued the print. Then it happened again!

The tank is completely empty, there is no resin inside. However the cartridge still has 500ml of resin in it and the bite valve is working properly.

How is it possible that the tank run dry and the machine continued printing?

This is a 250ml with a 2 day print time. All completely to waste.

@Formlabs @DKirch any input?

The resin float jammed?

First thing I checked, but it way lying flat on the bottom.

Sorry to hear about this error! This is a new one for me. As usual I would recommend getting as much info as you can to our support team so we can see what’s going on a little more closely.

I’m in contact with support now. Pretty strange though.
I manually added some resin to the tank to continue printing but now it is running dry again.

I can see a lot of debris in the tank from layers that peeled away when the tank was running dry so maybe this second time there is cured material under the float as the float seems to stay in the ‘high’ position.

I had this happen after a large print.A large slab of cured resin was wedged under the float.I only noticed it because the wiper arm kept disengaging when it hit the resin

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