Print removal

How soon after a print is complete must it be removed from the printer? ie Print will be finished at 9 but I won’t get home till 10. Is that OK?

It shouldn’t be a problem as long as it is under the cover. I’ve had prints finish when I was at home on Friday night and sit there until Monday morning with no problems.


I often have prints finish 10 or 11pm, and pull them in the morning, I see no difference in pulling them as soon as they are done, or several hours later. It gives the print a chance for the liquid resin to drip off.

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Yes, as mentioned in the other replies, removing the print from the printer is not time critical.

I routinely let prints finish overnight, and since I don’t have time to process them in the morning, they “hang around” inside the printer until the evening when I get back from work.

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