Print popping or getting stuck during tray

My prints are visibly popping off the surface while printing like they are getting sucked to the surface of the tray . I’ve ordered a new tray but this one is brand new. So far no fail but seeing build lines even at .25

Is it possible that ‘cupping’ is causing this? When a part has enclosed hollow cavities, there can be a sort of suction cup effect against the tank that can lead to the popping you’re describing. If you click the printability checker in the bottom right corner of PreForm, there’s a ‘show cups’ option that will highlight any problem regions.

That’s what I originally thought be this is a solid print. Preform checks it off as well

Odd thing is, I’ve printed this file before…could I have gotten a messed up tray? It’s printing … hasn’t failed

Print turned out fine , so who knows

Unfortunately with the recent updates the fact that a print was working before doesn’t guarantee it’ll work not. I have been printing stuff in Tough directly on the build paltform for a while and since the December update I have to print with a raft otherwise the parts don’t adhere to the BP.

Yeah…I’ve had some odd issues with prints that have been fine. Most of my prints that are more than a month old I’m running back through preform and saving out a new file

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