Print lines! why?

I am so tired of these print lines which are there randomly. Sometimes there are lines sometimes prints are fine.
Please help!

I clean the optical window before every print, clean the back of the resin tray before every print.

Hey there @terentiy!

Thanks for taking the time to post! This is certainly an odd looking error! It’s great that you checked optics, but I wouldn’t expect that to be the culprit in a case like this where the lines are so regular.

Typically this points to the printer pausing at regular intervals for long enough to cause lines to appear. Something we can check is whether this error continues to appear when you start using a brand new cartridge.

That being said, I would highly recommend reaching out to our support team at the link below so they can dig into the issue a little more and hopefully figure out what’s going on!

I agree with DKirch- I see these kinds of lines when the print has paused-

On my old form 2 it was caused by repeated and frequent Resin Sensor errors that would pause the print for 5 or ten minutes at a throw. then print for half an hour, then start another spate of resin sensor errors.

If the machine keeps pausing the print because of resin sensor errors, you may need to adjust the screws holding the resin sensor in place…
if its because the machine keeps thinking a cartridge is missing, or the tank is not in… then the contacts for those sensors may need replacing.
If its because the machine keeps pausing to “heat” the resin, or to dispense resin- you may want to check the temperature in the space you have the machine set up… if it gets very cold during an overnight print, the machine will have a harder time heating the resin, and resin will flow MUCH SLOOOOWER when dispensing.
Or- you may have a faulty temperature sensor.

Good idea to open a support ticket. My old machine ultimately had to be replaced.

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