Anyone know what caused this extruded line on my print?

Hey! Does anyone know why this extruded line may have happened on my print? It was printed on the Form 2 on 0.05 with the LT tank and Grey Resin V4. Supports were set to 0.60 Point size and 1.00 density. I’m going to try printing it again just in case it was just a random peel problem…

Most probably not a peel problem. This usually appears when the printer pauses the print for a certain amount of time, often because it is out of resin or because of a sensor error.

Thanks @JohnHue, the resin cartridge is full so it must have been some kind of sensor error which then rectified itself, so annoying. Hopefully the next one will print without any issues.

If you look ad the dashboard you can view a very basic log of the print, it might tell you what caused the pause :wink:

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