Print Keeps Falling off

I’m trying to print an elongated oval shape, but midway through the print it keeps falling off. I’m using flexible resin on a Form 1+, and there is nothing visibly wrong with the printer. Has anyone had a similar problem and/or know what might be wrong?

Flexible is hard to keep on the build plate. I had fits trying to print it with my Form1+. I don’t remember if the Form1+ allows Z Axis fine tuning, but if it does you could try lowering the build plate 0.1mm at a time to see if that helps. Only go a few mm at most. If it doesn’t make a difference or it gets worse, try going in the other direction.

There are a few different things we can look into to try and troubleshoot this for you. Is the entire print detaching from the plate or is it just the actual itself and not the support structures and raft? Are you using the default Flexible settings in PreForm? I like to drive touch point sizes down a bit with many of our Standard or Engineering Resins but learned the hard way that Flexible Resin has higher failure rates when you start to deviate from the default settings.

The first time I tried to print it the entire print detached from the plate when it was about 3/4 of the way through, but now it falls off before the base is even fully formed. I am using the default settings.

It sounds like your initial raft layers might not be adhering to the plate as much as we’d like. The first couple of layers are compressed to the platform to ensure a solid connection but there’s sometimes a bit too large of a gap between the platform and tank. The first thing we should try is adjusting the Z offset via fine tuning. Here’s a link to our support article that details the steps for adjusting your Z offset and I’d start by reducing your offset by -0.2mm. Iterate downwards by 0.1mm until you have proper adhesion and if that doesn’t work, let me know so we can look into additional troubleshooting steps.

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