Print failure, What should I do

I used Google translator.

Print failure, whats wrong?
Mirror is clean. Resin is clean. Resin is clean.

This problem has happened to me a few times now

The mirror does not matter

Is there a problem with the laser?

I do not know what to do

Laser doesn’t look great… Do the laser test without your resin tank and with a sheet of paper instead to see a proper result!

here’s mine for reference!

You should submit a ticket to our support team if you haven’t already. That does look suspect, but they can help you verify and take care of the next steps.


Your laser looks great! How long have you been working with that printer? I’m on printer #3 and I can’t get 100 hours of printing before my laser fails. Looks like I’m gonna have to send mine in again!



Mine is only 2 months old. It’s a form1+ (meaning, not an upgrade from a Form1). I’ve definiltely surpassed the 100hour mark. Either Formlabs has improved the Form1+ or I’m just a very lucky guy! Either way… I don’t have any complaints!

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