Print did not come out

I was trying to print and everything seems to be working but there is no print at all on a plate. What is wrong?

Hey, gmark. we will probably need more details in order to really assist, but I can tell you about my experience. I had that same behavior when I had resin in the tank which had set unused for a month. I carefully used the spackle knife tool and found that the material was curing below the build plate. SoI carefully removed the set material, I strained the liquid resin, and I added a little fresh resin to top up. I also took a moment to stir the new resin into the old. Next print was perfect.

Thank you! yes, it solved the problem!

Always make sure to stir the resin if you haven’t printed for more than a day–the pigment will settle to out of the resin which will affect how well the resin will print.