Do new resin tanks need time to "settle" before you print?

When I first got my Form 1+ the first few prints I tried failed - The first 2 didn’t stick to the build platform at all, and then after dialling in some platform height adjustments the next print came away from its supports and stuck to the bottom, even though the base was on the build platform fine. The next day I cleaned a little dust of the mirror and it seemed to print fine so I put it down to dust.

Fast forward to yesterday and I installed a new tank so I could use a different resin colour. Again the first prints failed to stay on the supports, sticking to the bottom of the tank. 24 hours later the same prints worked fine.

Is it the case that new tanks need a day or so to settle before they’ll peel reliably, or is it just bad luck that my first few prints failed?

Resin tanks do not need to settle before printing. I would attribute your printing issues to back luck or part orientation and placement.

If you start to have consistent issues again, just let us know at It’s possible a more thorough cleaning is in order.