Print cache on c: drive

Hi all
Reviewing my hard drive I found that this folder seems to cache prints? Or what is it’s purpose? It’s taking up nearly 6gb on my main SSD drive, which does not have that much to spare.


I have all my prints saved in a different location, is there a place where I can clear this folder (in Preform) or can I do it manually?

thanks in advance!

Interesting. Mine contains mostly-empty folders that appear to be named after some of the prints I’ve uploaded.

Three of the folders contain sequences of .flx files, each ending in something like:

layer_infoD {
  "effective_layer_area_mm2": 22892.6,

which makes me wonder if they contain layer-related data generated during the upload process.

Did your Preform ever crash in the middle of an upload or anything? (Wondering if maybe they’re leftovers?). Hopefully someone who knows exactly what they are will chime in, otherwise you could ask Support.

I don’t remember any significant crashes, no. Maybe once or twice during the 6 months I’ve used it, but Preform has actually been quite stabile.

I also measured, my own saved prints are ca 700mb, however that folder is ten times that size. And yep, the files are FLX, but there’s a host of them… I’ll try support later also, It’s not a critical issue, but still curious and the size is rather significant :slight_smile:

Just realized I had Preform open when I saw those .flx files. I closed it and now all the subdirectories are empty.

I’ve got a few .tar.gz files…

But I do remember some very large files in here.

Also interested in weather these can be safely deleted.

Yeah. I had about 100 .FLX files in the Prints directory. When I closed PreForm they all disappeared and the directory is now empty.

There is however a Cache directory under the same path as “Prints”. And it has 512 files called QMLC files, ranging in size from 0 to maybe 50KB. In total it’s only about 6MB, though.

There’s also a “Crash” directory. Mine is empty. PreForm has never crashed on me.

Seems like PreForm could do a slightly better job of cleaning up after itself, but I don’t see enough to be worth worrying about even if you’re using a SSD and you’re getting tight on space.

Hi all
Support said, that the named folder should be wiped by Preform once it exits. Maybe the case is that my PC has crashed during the night, and the action could not be executed.

In any case, it’s safe to delete these files. I’ll keep an eye out, should it start recurring

You might want to suggest they look for and clean those files up next time Preform starts.