What happened to the Preform Logs and odometer files

I was trying to find out how long my printer has been previously used (I bought it second hand), and I found the posts metioning the logs and the odometer readings.

However, When I look in the AppData/Preform folder, I can see 3 folders (Logs, Material and Settings), but all three are empty.

So what happened to those logs, have they been removed altogether, moved to a different place?

BTW, I’m running Preform 2.3.2.

I don’t see these either on my PreForm folders.

So nobody know where these files are now kept?

Just guessing, but maybe they are hidden? You’ll need to show hidden files and folders.

I already have all files and folders showing, including the system files, so that’s not it.

The only thing I can assume is they (FormLabs), have deliberately removed the logs in the newer version of PreFrom, for whatever reason, or that they are now either hidden in some other location, buried inside some other files, or in the registry, although I’ve already searched the registry for anything that I thought might be related and had no luck.

I’m wondering if any of theFormLabs support techs might shed some light on this.

How does one find out the mileage on their printer??

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