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Preform temp files


On a late Spring cleaning I was checking my system drive for whatever could go away and I noticed this:

Inside the “Prints” folder:

Extracting the first one:

(there’s 387 of those .flx files and yes, the 1970’s curse is not only on the tanks)

So the question is: Why?

If it kept the readable .form files I would understand (and would appreciate it). If we’re talking about something that should be sent to support it would be sent roughly on the day it printed not months after and I never read about support asking users to get files from the hidden “library” folder.

These look like the files that take forever to upload to the printer but why keep them?
In my case it’s only 66Gb but I’m guessing others have a whole lot more.

I also don’t see an option in PreForm to upload the file from my last year’s birthday.

All of this (and I might be wrong, please someone from FormLabs do correct me if so) seems like totally unnecessary clutter given all of the above.


On a positive note, and on the same “PreForm” folder, I only had 4 crashes:

At least they’re completed crashes, not the “You couldn’t even complete a crash” ones :slight_smile: