Loading diagnostic files to form lab support

Got a weired one here.
I’m having print issues printing with my form 2. I already confirmed a clean optical path andhave a good file. so i contacted support. they requested my diagnostic file. 1st my printer fails at uploading the file directly "this may be on my end due to my I.T. dept. however when I try to attch the file that i obtain from preform. it is a compressed size of ~19 MB, it gets returned from formlabs mail server as too big to send…What gives? I did manage to send a link the file to google drive last night but i have no idea if that actually worked. seems like formlabs mail server is really restrictive.
When I was initially trying to send the file I had written a nice detailed email and included some extra pictures, That came back as too big… Ok fine i eliminated EVERYTHNING and just tried sending the log file and was STILL rejected.
whats up with that?

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