Print breaks and chips in the middle


I’m trying to print a rectangular part but I’m getting intermittent failures, sometimes is prints ok but most of the time the print chips or breaks in the middle. The two pictures below show one of the prints that failed miserably, seems that layers were printing up to a certain point after that the newly cured resin is not sticking to the body of the part, instead they’re sticking to the silicon layer inside the tank

This one is a milder case where the print got chipped at the very end, the other one in the back is perfect

I’ve just cleaned the mirror under the tank a couple of weeks ago, these prints were printed in a new resin tank

any ideas what could be happening?

Do you typically just keep adding resin, or do you dump the almost empty tank through a filter, and return that and top off with fresh resin? I say this because the resin looks really thick and gloppy. Could this resin be old?

Personally, I have not used gray resin for over a year or more now. I’ve just never had very good luck with it.

I use a paint strainer to filter out the remaining resin in the tank, then add new resin if needed

may be this one is not that good? I read through support that you need a 190micron filter

I’ve had really good experience with grey resin before

Looks like dirty mirrors to me. If you’ve had to clean the primary mirror, odds are good you need to clean the Galvo mirrors too.

Here’s an example of the gunk my Form1+ suddenly started spitting out, after months of excellent quality prints. New tank, fresh resin, main mirror cleaning, none of those steps made any difference. Finally agreed with FL and dIsassembled the machine and cleaned the Galvo mirrors and the very first print was back to the same level of quality the printer delivered new out-of-box.

But the machine was out of commission for a few weeks while I worked through it all (as I could only work on it in my less-than-ample spare time).

The Form2 has a sealed optical deck. I bought one, in large part because this was IMO a highly desirable improvement in the design of the machine. If the Form1+ had a sealed deck, I never would have had the problem with it that I ended up having.

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Thanks Randy, I really appreciate it
are there any clear steps that show how to clean the galvo mirrors?

I found this guide here, looks like it’s from formlabs official

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