Print area shifting along X-axis

Has anyone with a Form 3 had the LPU shifting halfway though a print?

The circle is where it should be printing, the arrow is where it is printing :grimacing:
We’ve got a nasty grating noise that I’m pretty sure comes from the x stage lead screw. There’s no problem starting the print, but the sound grows and eventually something happens and the LPU starts printing further to the right.
All I’m getting from support at the moment is to clean the lead screw, but having done that thoroughly several times I wondered if anyone else had any ideas…?

Yep. I’ve something similar.

You need to re-grease the x lead screw.

How do you know the terminology for the “x lead screw”? Is there a diagram of the printer internals with labels available, somewhere?

Take the tray out and there on the visible back wall of the printer is a lead screw which moves the LPU. This is the x-lead screw.

After quite a lot of back and forth with support, they think it is the ABL nut (anti backlash nut) which can’t be fixed in field. Formlabs have organised a pick up and are sending out a new machine.

Unfortunately I’ve not come across a handy labelled diagram, mostly just get to know these things through the forum and talking to support.