PreForm uses 3DConnexion's 3D Mouse

It would be nice if PreForm used 3DConnexion’s mouse products for rotating the model. I see that others have requested this feature as well (but those topics appear closed).


I definitely agree with this one!!!

Add me in, it would be very handy for me.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve got one of these myself. I’ve forwarded this on to our software team.

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I have to agree with this request. My 3D mouse is an extension of my CAD work. I have reached for it many times when trying to spin the object in Preform.

Totally agree, switching from the CAD software to Preform seamlessly with the 3D mouse would be a nice to have

It would be more seamless if the controls are the same.

Switching between Solidworks and Preform causes some frustration every time.

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Sign me up for 3DConnexion software support which I use in all my 3D Modelling or Viewing Software.